Album: The Walkmen's Lisbon

After a dozen or so listens through, The Walkmen’s Lisbon stands out as one of my favorite albums of 2010.  Their emotional lyrics, jangly guitars and stripped down percussion is there as usual.

The album kicks off with ‘Juveniles’ a bouncy jangly song complete with their shimmering guitars and Leithauser’s howling / crying-like voice.   One of my favorite tracks comes on second, Angela Surf City, a rollicking rock song that employs a ramped up tempo build, and some real evocative vocals which really makes this track the most powerful and passionate song on the album, its really unlike other tracks on the album.

Stranded, was a single they released back in July, and it is definitely a stand out.  Its a very ambitious, sounding song with a really huge horn section that creates a warm and wonderful feeling to it.  One other track certainly worth mentioning is Victory, a rollercoaster like track with giant ups and downs.

I loved the ups and downs on Lisbon, it was a powerful album that was difficult to put down.

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