Amason - Went to War


[T]here is a flood (översvämning) of amazing music coming out of Sweden as of late and with the introduction of the newly created supergroup Amason it seems the waters are not backing down anytime soon. The band members contained within Amason are Gustav Ejstes (Dungen), Amanda Hollingby Matsson (Idiot Wind), Nils Törnqvist, Petter Winnberg (Little Majorette) and Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow). I know there are plenty of fans out there of each and every one of those aforementioned bands, so I fully expect you all will love the new song, “Went to War,” posted above for your listening pleasure. With breezy horns, catchy lyrics, and girl/guy vocals the track has serious potential to get stuck in your head.

An EP is currently in the works on INGRD Records and we will tell you all about it as the release date draws near. Until then please enjoy your new favorite song.