Andrew Combs - Take It From Me

A few months ago, I mentioned Nashville’s Andrew Combs and his upcoming 7″. Well all of that has come to fruition. His new EP, Big Bad Love, is available on Bandcamp for a couple of bucks,  and well it is definitely worth the price of a cheap beer. Heck, the vinyl edition is only $7, that’s the price of an expensive beer..  First cut off of the 7″ is “Take it From Me,” a twangy ballad that lets Andrew explore a more soulful side as he breaks up with you through this song.  The weeping slide, and subtle crooning are near and dear to my heart, and this feels just about where Combs’ groove is playing songs straight from the soul, and using his strong emotive voice to pull the listener in.

Buy the EP on Andrew Combs’ bandcamp now.