April Smith & the Great Picture Show Giveaway


It’s not necessarily hard to define April Smith & the Great Picture Show’s sound, classy, cabaret styled pop music.  The music has a nostalgia sound to it, April Smith’s voice is utterly fantastic.  Catching her set in Newport at the Folk Festival this summer, I was completely surprised at just how fantastic she was live, her voice was so perfect, the crowd ate up the music and I’ve been dying to see her again.

I’ve been particularly enamored of the video (above) for her song ‘terrible things,’ as it is zombie season (halloween.)  The music is fantastic, and the grotesque video fits so well with the song, I can’t help but keep watching and listening.

Now it appears is our chance to catch her again, she’s on tour, and fantastically I have the opportunity to give away a pair of tickets to her show here in Boston at TT the Bears November 4th.

So, leave a comment in this post, and I’ll pick a winner and you’ll get a pair of tickets to see her next week here in Boston.

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