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Doomsday Devices

A few weeks ago, while attending the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin show, I stood and listened to the two opening bands who were eye opening to say the least. It was definitely fun to hear, and I had to know more about each band.

The first being Golden Bloom.  Golden Bloom is multi-instrumentalist, frontman and natural born leader Shawn Fogel, a NY state born, musician who recorded his most recent album, Fan the Flames, entirely by himself.  He then later brought in producers to flesh out the sound.  What he was able to do is write an entire album, full of catchy, power pop songs, that are both well written and well played.

The album, Fan the Flames, is opened by two of the most catchy power poppy fun songs I’ve heard in a while. E.H.M. and what may be their most popular song, Doomsday Devices.  Both of these songs will make you stand up, dance, and elevate your spirits.  This is just the tip of the iceberg on an album I’ve really enjoyed since I received it.  Fogel moves further into balladry in She Leaves Me Poetry, a post break up recollection that sounds like it could be a Ryan Adams song, sweet and sad, all wrapped into a wonderful package.

I may have missed it last year, but I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to acquaint my self with this.

Get out there and buy Fan The Flames

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