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Author: Kyle Mitchell

the editor and founder of Music Savage, lover of music, hater of remixes.

#HotTakes | Week of 07.24.23

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Natural Disaster // Bethany Cosentino Runaway // Lydia Loveless Lychee Ice // Gay Meat Doubt // Slow Pulp Bug Like an Angel // Mitski Highlands // Middle Kids In Your Love // Tyler Childers Electric Heart // Alessandra Rose

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Song Premiere | Maggie Carson – From Here to Anywhere

It feels like a lifetime ago we were first introduced to Maggie Carson and Spirit Family Reunion at a loft show we put on in April of 2012. That decade on the road with Spirit Family Reunion, is directly related to the message on Carson’s second single “From Here to Anywhere” from her forthcoming debut solo album The Dark was Aglow. As Maggie describes… “I was touring a lot at the time and thinking about places we do and don’t return to. Always wondering whether I’ll ever be somewhere again. Perhaps if I knew with certainty that I would never…

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Photos + Review | Brent Cobb & The National Reserve @ The Sinclair

Brent Cobb’s soulful blue collar country stylings captivated us last week, at The Sinclair. Cobb and his band “Them” delivered us from the red brick of Harvard yard to the mythological land of rural Georgia. After hitting the road opening for Chris Stapleton throughout ’19 it’s pretty obvious these guys have picked up a few things for captivating a huge audience. We were just lucky to be in a much smaller venue, and could feel guitarist Mike Harris’ slide guitar set your hair back and Cobb’s warm vocal delivery that’s a little friendly and has a little bite to it..…

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Photos | Robert Ellis + Ian O’Neil @ Great Scott

A night that begins with Ian O’Neil and ends with Robert Ellis in a tiny packed venue like Great Scott is all I could ever ask for a Sunday night (while Game of Thrones isn’t on yet) and hell if this night didn’t pay off in spades. Since I last saw Robert Ellis on the stage at Boston’s Great Scott last May, it seemed as though Texas Piano Man was an inevitability. During a set with Traveller, Fritz, Chisel and band would leave Robert some time alone to tickle the ivories, and put on his best Billy Joel. From that…

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Mixtape | November 2018

We’re 11 months down in 2018, and yet another mixtape here to soothe your need for the month of December. I’m stoked on this months mixtape, lots of good stuff from all over the sonic landscape. Take a listen, follow the playlist, and share it with your friends.

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Mixtape | September 2018

The great thing about being so late to releasing the August mixtape is that September is here, and the mixtape is ready to go. It goes without saying but I think this mixtape is really great, and I’m digging the heck out of the songs that are on it. Please do let me know if you’ve heard stuff that we missed this month.

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Mixtape | August 2018

I’m super late (vacation, and some technical issues) to getting this to ya’ll but hey music is music. August was a pretty great month for new music, with new music from some of our favorites like Aaron Lee Tasjan, Ron Gallo and Tallest Man on Earth. But we saw and heard great tunes from all over. Please do let us know if we’ve missed any songs that you are loving right now.

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Mixtape | July 2018

Another month has gone by and another mixtape is at your fingertips filling your ears with all that goodness you’ve been looking for. This month is not short on jams, and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Let me know what if anything I missed this month.

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New Music | Dragon Inn 3 – Club Sauce

Philip Dickey from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has had this project simmering for a number of years, and FINALLY launching a record, and I’m psyched to finally get to hear songs that are successors to one of my favorites, their Ghoul School EP. The sound on “Club Sauce” is sugary sweet pop expose into the world of MOOG synths and sounds, as they put it “if John Hughes directed Blade Runner.” Check out Club Sauce, and do them a solid and pre-order their upcoming record Double Line which is out August 17th on CD, LP, Cassette and obviously…

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