Boogarins - Lucifernandis


[B]razilian band Boogarins are set to release their debut album, As Plantes Que Curam, October 1st on Other Music Records and have sent us the first single, “Lucifernandis,” which I simply had to share with you fine music fans. A lot is being made about the fact that the guys in the band are still in their late teens, but honestly teenagers have been picking up guitars and becoming rock stars for a long time now. For me, it is more about how effortless the band’s psychedelic sound flows from their instruments and out of my speakers. It’s as if these guys were all born in the late sixties and have yet to age.

Critics and music writers (myself included) are supposed to compare this type of music with that type of music, and this resurgence of style with the previous one, but sometimes it is really just about a talented bunch of guys creating cool music no matter their age or sound. This is cool music. I think you’ll agree, and I’m sure you will enjoy the Boogarins track “Lucifernandis” as much as I do.

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