Brian McGee - The Taking or the Leaving

Hold Sway

Brian McGee is an Americana Rock artist out of North Carolina.  In October he released his a new album recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville. Getting his roots in the Pennsylvania Punk scene, his sophomore LP The Taking or the Leaving is a fusion of Americana and Punk.  The album swiftly moves through themes of Americana like the rockabilly like ‘Hold Sway’ or the twangy balladry of ‘Let’s Bleed.’  One thing is for sure, McGee has the chops to write and play some fantastic sounding roots rock & roll music.  His punk roots come out in the energy he’s got on songs like ‘First Kiss’ and it makes for an interesting contrast in styles, but totally works.  I’ve had a lot of fun listening to this album, and have gone back to it on several occasions.  Its an honest and forthright effort, and the subtle fusion of Punk and Country works remarkably well.

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For us in Boston, McGee will be playing Plough and Stars in Cambridge, February 16th.

Brian McGee
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