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Photos + Review | Chris Farren @ Once Somerville

Donned in glitter and a gold necklace, Chris Farren performed yet another Perfect Set at Once Somerville on January 30th on what he said was his biggest headlining show to date. Just Chris, a guitar, and a lot of projections, there was nothing lacking about his solo performance. A super funny internet presence brought to life on stage with the theme ‘Born Hot’, Farren brings the whole room in on the joke with balloons with his face on them, projections letting us know how soon his birthday is, and his own art “I drew this”. Although heavy on the entertainment…

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Song of the Week | Bill Scorzari – It All Matters

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is sharply focused on the beautiful new single from Bill Scorzari titled, “It All Matters,” off the New York-based musician’s upcoming album, Now I’m Free, out September 20th independently. Scorzari has been crafting his distinct style of Americana for a while now, picking up his first guitar at the age of eight and performing his very first gig at thirteen. After a two decade stint in the world of law a life-changing event, the passing of his beloved father, saw him turn his sights back to his true passion…

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Photos + Review | The Menzingers + Queen of Jeans + The Sidekicks @ The Palladium Upstairs

The Menzingers played to a very sweaty, sold-out crowd in Worcester at The Palladium Upstairs. The Philly-born band have had a strong community of Massachusetts devotees for years, after playing a myriad of venues across the state, ranging from this same room at the Palladium to the House of Blues. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more impassioned crowd than a Menzingers crowd. The entire room sings every word to every song, from any era of the band’s discography. Even their newest song “Anna”, released not two weeks prior, was well-known and loved by the crowd. “Anna” is the first…

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