Check out: Chief, Modern Rituals

Breaking Walls
Your Direction
Night & Day

I haven’t been able to shut up about this band for a long while now.  They have been on my radar for a few months now, and everything I’ve heard from them has totally floored me for their upcoming (and now released) album Modern Rituals.

What has come out of this album is 11 fantastic shimmering, melodic songs that will tear through emotions, and rock your heart out.  Chief has found a way inside with lovelorn lyrics, and an expansive insight into desperation.  The album is full of tales of disappointment, loneliness and languishing over love.  What it does so well, is not depress you, somehow they found a balance between these emotions, and making music that still has the light of day all over it.  While this glow exists, you can feel the legitimacy of their folk-rock melancholia.

What you’ll find here is one of the most contagious albums you’ll hear this year.

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