David Vandervelde Summer Time Hits

Checkin Out My Baby

David Vandervelde is putting out a new EP Summer Time Hits due 8/3 on Secretly Canadian.  If you’ve been following Vandervelde at all, which you should, he’s put out two fantastic albums, The Moonstation House Band and Waiting for the Sunrise.  The tracks for the upcoming Summer Time Hits were released as digital singles and are now being pressed onto 12″ vinyl.

Checkin Out My Baby, is the first track on the EP; its wildly fuzzy, totally rockin, and totally belongs up high in your list of top party jams.  Learn How to Hang, teaches us to relax, enjoy summer and for lack of a better way of putting it, hang.  Its a drum pumping, rock jam guaranteed to make a backyard bbq that much better.  Then of course, the T – Rexian Wave Country, promoting the idea, that you ain’t any cooler in the shade.

Check out more music from Vandervelde by buying his two fantastic albums, and grabbing this new EP.