Deadstring Brothers - The River Song

The River Song
The Same Old Rule

The Deadstring Brothers have this great throwback sound, a little bit country a lot of rock and roll.  I guess in similarity, they are most similar to a Drive By Truckers.  But they are in no way just a clone.  Coming from Detroit, you would certainly have expectations in their music; that being loud and wild rock like.  But what you see is not necessarily what you get.  The Deadstrings (my nickname) have this sound that is more of an homage to 70’s Exile-like Rolling Stones.

Their lineup for their newest album Sao Paulo has changed a bit.  They have lost the screaming female vocals of Masha Marjieh, but what they have gained I believe is what makes this album fantastic.  The subtle slide guitar in some these songs certainly gives it that extra honky tonk kind of feeling.  Taking over fully on vocals, Kurt Marschke really is solid behind the helm there is no lack of great sounds in his voice.

I’m not sure how this album, these artists slip through the cracks, but it’s totally fantastic, and deserves to be shared.