Devin Davis - Lonely People of the World Unite

Turtle and the Flightless Bird
Iron Woman
Deserted Eyeland

Back in 2005, Devin Davis, a Chicago based American indie musician released this great album Lonely People of the World Unite that it seems no one knew about.  It’s a real shame for Devin Davis that this album wasn’t more successful.  Had he received more exposure, this album would have been a real break out for him.  But for the select few that stumble upon this record, by word-of-mouth or just plain luck, it’s a treat.

I personally had not received the album until a few months ago, it quickly made its way into a rotation of plays for me, and then turned into all out listening sessions.  It’s energetic, enthusiastic, and wildly catchy. The kind of record you can keep coming back to rediscovering and coming away with a new favorite song.

Other than the music, the quality of the production is fantastic.  It would lead you to believe that it was a huge production.  In reality its a hand made album by the artist himself.  Davis received a job engineering at ACME Recording in Chicago and he seized an opportunity to record his debut album.

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