Electric Owls - Cullowhee EP Review

When I Was a Flood

Electric Owls’ new Cullowhee Songs EP was released on Vagrant on Nov 9 digitally and on vinyl via the band’s website (www.ElectricOwls.com). If you are unfamiliar with them, Electric Owls is a side project lead by Andy Herrod of The Comas.  The Electric Owls project, was recorded in Asheville, NC with Herrod, and some friends.  Written over the last few months that also served as a home recording experiment, there are guitars, banjos, beats, ukuleles, synths, accordions, horns, pianos, xylophones and bells.

Simply put, the EP is just too damn short, four songs are just not enough.  And to say that, is to say they did a pretty damn good job putting this together.  The EP is a fusion of all of the aforementioned instruments, it’s very well done, a total joy to listen to and maddeningly short. I tend to have more trouble writing about the things I absolutely love, and I’ve struggled over the few hours I’ve been looking at this post, it says something; its one of the most fun sonic experiments I’ve heard this year, and I wish I could share the whole thing with you. This EP couldn’t come more highly recommended, I’d buy it twice… and for you vinyl lovers, it might just be the perfect 7″.

Cullowhee Songs EP track listing:
1. Silverfawn
2. When I Was a Flood
3. Annatennae
4. Morir Aqui

Buy Cullowhee Songs EP on itunes 7″ to be released later.