Electric Owls - When I Was a Flood

When I Was a Flood

Electric Owls’ new Cullowhee Songs EP will be released on Vagrant on Nov 9 digitally and on vinyl via the band’s website (www.ElectricOwls.com). If you are unfamiliar with them, Electric Owls is a side project lead by Andy Herrod of The Comas.  The first single off of the EP is When I Was a Flood, and it reminds me of the sound Freelance Whales, a blend of electronic and folk elements (banjo in this case.)

The Electric Owls project, recorded in Asheville, NC with Herrod, and some friends.  Written over the last few months that also served as a home recording experiment, there are guitars, banjos, beats, ukuleles, synths, accordions, horns, pianos, xylophones and bells. As Herrod would put it, “Mostly it’s 4 pop songs that we had an awesome time recording that we hope you will have an equally awesome time rocking out to.

Cullowhee Songs EP track listing:
1. Silverfawn
2. When I Was a Flood
3. Annatennae
4. Morir Aqui