Exclusive | Spirit Family Reunion to play Newport Folk Fest 2013


[S]pirit Family Reunion delighted fans at the Fort last year with one of the best sets of the festival. They might have even stolen the show. I couldn’t be happier to announce the fact that they’ll be returning to the grounds of Fort Adams once again this year.

Spirit Family Reunion is a living, breathing, stomping embodiment of folk music. Their music is dripping with authenticity. Anyone who’s ever witnessed they’re live show will attest that they play each note with every fiber of their being. Their passion travels from their heart straight through to their instruments and you can’t help but be swept up in the energy.

It seems this band was made for a festival like Newport. Three part harmonies from Nick Panken, Mat Davidson and Maggie Carson making every song a sing-a-long. The weeping of the fiddle, the plucking of the banjo, and rattling from the washboard all create a the kind of bucolic folk music that works just as well at the festival as it would on a front porch. When you see them at the Fort this summer, it’s a sure bet that their set will be bursting with twang and full of passion. And you might be singing along with a few hundred other people, but it will feel like they are singing just for you.