Fergus & Geronimo - Unlearn

Baby, Don’t You Cry

Fergus & Geronimo have recently released their album Unlearn, which I’ve been listening to a lot over this past weekend.  Absorbing the experimental pop infused music they put out in this album, there are elements of 50’s doo wop, rollicking 60’s and 70’s punk, british invasion, tribal percussions, to say the least it’s wide ranging, eclectic but also just a lot of fun.  At first it may feel a bit jarring and strange because of all the stylistic changes, but it doesn’t seem to effect the overall quality of the album.  It’s diverse, eclecticism could be an issue for some, but I think its handle quite well because of how catchy the songs are, they are immediately hooky, appealing, and memorable.

The recently released single, Baby Don’t You Cry(above), employs a lot of these styles, and does it very well.  Its garage rock sound, and energy is infectious and is a great song to listen at high volume.  F&G have done something right here, its pure infection, simplistic music is candy for the ears.  Songs like, ‘Wanna Know What I Would Do?,’ ‘Powerful Lovin,’ and ‘Forced Aloha’ are standouts for sure, they are all cleverly written, and brandish their eclectic style on the album.

It’s an album that came out of nowhere for me, I sat down and enjoyed every little part of it, and have found its highly repeatable, fun to listen to and well worth your money.  This is one sonic incursion you’ve got to hear.