Check out Filligar - Guilty Good Intentions

About a week ago I got a fantastic video submission from Chicago band, Filligar. They were kind enough to send along their album ‘The Nerve’ and I’ve listened to it a few times now and can honestly say these guys are one of the best straight up rock acts I’ve gotten to hear in a while. This is what rock & roll is supposed to sound like, its a modern sound paired with that classic rock sound we all love, a re-imagining if you will.

Filligar has got a big show this friday in NYC if any of you are looking for some live music this weekend.

Friday, April 8th @ The Mercury Lounge
217 East Houston St, NYC, NY.
// Ages 21+ // Doors 11:30 PM
with DJ Friendly Greg

Grab their fantastic album The Nerve on amazon or on itunes.