Girls - Broken Dreams Club EP


Girls’ new EP Broken Dreams club released this week.  The boys from San Francisco, wrote a follow up EP to their ’09 debut, Album, entitled Broken Dreams Club.  As you might be able to discern from previous effort and released single, Heartbreaker, this EP is similarly, songs that are about relationships.

The EP starts off with a fantastic track called ‘The Oh So Protective One,‘ a revisit to oldies that has a 50’s vibe and an amazing brass section that gives the idea of a ‘Prom Night for Broken Hearts.’ Heartbreaking track rightly named Heartbreaker is a perfect example of a shimmering pop song about heartbreak.  It is deceptively catchy and sunny although written about love lost.

At 6 tracks its a longer EP, and it stands to reason is just a miniature album; but it is completely obvious this album was written and so perfectly put by Christopher Owens as “a letter of intent,” the band is progressing and you can hear it before your ears (that doesn’t work as well on paper as it does in my head.)  Country-styled post-rock tracks like ‘Carolina,’ work to prove there is so much to come from Owens’ bunch.

This is a 30 minute EP that is certainly worth a few spins and is well worth your hard earned bones.

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