Hoots & Hellmouth - Why Would You Not Go There?

Hoots & Hellmouth – Why Would You Not Want To Go There

I’ve been listening to this nonstop the last few days, in an effort to come up with the words for why I like it so much.  I’ve yet to find the right words.  Hoots & Hellmouth are a Philadelphia based folk / americana outfit who released a new album Salt, back in April on sonaBLAST records.  “Why Would You Not Want To Go There,”  is a gleaming songwriters song, that feels a bit dream like, with a sunny disposition, the music is warm, building in volume, and the melodies are really nice.  The song & the album takes its roots from numerous influences as far as one can imagine, folk, americana, country, bluegrass & pop … its an eclectic sound I think you’ll enjoy quite a bit.

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