HotTakes | Week of 01.01.23

HotTakes | Week of 01.01.23

Songs we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance.

My Golden Years // The Lemon Twigs

Train Full of Gasoline // Ducks Ltd.

Mock The Hours // David Nance & Mowed Sound

Untidy Creature // Sleater-Kinney

I Like This // James Black

run away girl // Alice Merton

Here We Are // Parker Millsap and Robert Ellis

Let It Rain // Dylan LeBlanc

That’s What Makes the World Go Around // Charley Crockett & Willie Nelson

Maybe It’s You // Ohly

MercedesBenz // David Forsyth

Delia // Muireann Bradley

Beauty Opens Doors // Buck Meek

Letting Things Go // Vulfmon

Everything Smells Like Salmon // Tom McGovern feat. Cory Wong

Wires Crossed // Dom Fera

The Fountain // Rainshop feat. Charlie Burg & Magic Toaster