#HotTakes | Week of 01.30.23

#HotTakes | Week of 01.30.23

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance.

Big Love Ahead // Mon Rovîa

Ain’t Got Me // Bluphoria

Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby // Old Town Crier

Nothing on This Earth Can Make Me Smile // Dougie Poole

Evangeline // Stephen Sanchez

For A While // Whitney

End of the World // Wild Child

Every Little Heart // The Tallest Man On Earth

Up on the Divide // Mighty Poplar

Invitation (feat. Mo Troper, Ratboys) // Ducks Ltd.

Hail Mary // Skott

Dust // Opus Kink

When We Are Together We Are Really Free // mmeadows

River // The Arcs

“Sawgrass” & “For Your Soul” // Josh Ritter

Strangers // Nickel Creek

Dresser Hill // Mary Elizabeth Remington (ft. Adrianne Lenker)