#HotTakes | Week of 05.24.21

#HotTakes | Week of 05.24.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance.

NBC // Hank May

Stone’s Throw // Elgin

Stand For Myself // Yola

Sodium & Cigarettes // Half Waif

Nuit // Yndi

favorite crime // Olivia Rodrigo

Shopping Center Sunsets // T. Hardy Morris

Middle of Love (Live from a Courthouse) // Jake Wesley Rogers

Never Alone Again // CIEL

For Blake // Havana Swim Club

City Watched Me Burn // Anne Freeman

Figuring Out // Seryn

Your Winter // Left Vessel

Strong Enough // Molly Tuttle (ft. Madison Cunningham)

Tough Enough // Kaley Rutledge

Little Black Flies // Eddie 9V