#HotTakes | Week of 06.20.22

#HotTakes | Week of 06.20.22

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance.

Have a Heart // Daniel Milewski

Take It Like A Man // Amanda Shires

Loser // THICK

Never Freestyle // Coast Contra

Heal It // The Hooten Hallers

All Those Days of Drinking Dust // Tiffany Williams

Throw Me in the Thicket (When I Die) // The Local Honeys

Discoloration // Katy Guillen & The Drive

Beyond Frames // Holy Ship

Unspeakable Things // Kiwi Jr.

Cracker Island ft. Thundercat // Gorillaz

Grocery Store // Ken Yates

Hard To Be A Prophet // Joe Purdy

Lady Of The Lake // The Accidentals & Kaboom Collective

The Ship // Andrew Combs

Running My Luck // Lawn

Clarity // TRY (ft. EARTHGANG)