Jenny & Johnny are Having Fun Now

My Pet Snakes
Scissor Runner
Big Wave

It’s hard to endorse a perfect duo such as Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice.  Especially when you’re in love with Jenny Lewis.  I’ve had a big crush on her, she’s an indie rock darling, she’s cute, she makes great music, and unfortunately she’s taken.  Sigh.

Regardless of how I feel about her, its her music that is truly important here.  What appears on this album is a connection of two energies, that creates a lot of fun music.  At this point you’ve probably heard, Big Wave, and Scissor Runner.  Two solid singles, that were probably easy choices to release.

In digging deeper, I find that by far my favorite track off the album has to be My Pet Snakes.  I think the reason I like this song so much is the back and forth dialogue vocals between Jenny and Johnny.   It seems as though the two are arguing back and forth, and gives an interesting dynamic.  Despite that, its set to a fun 60’s vibe, which seems to be a huge wave of influence for artists lately, jangly guitars simplistic rhythmic elements and an emphasis on harmonies.

There is a lot more to find on this album, much to my chagrin, its clear that these two were meant for each other.  I’ll settle for just listening to what they have to say.  This is a clear summer album, that for whatever reason was released in September, and may be its only downfall.

Get out and buy I’m Having Fun Now