Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

Rebel Ghost

Last week I got quite the little New Years gift.  A submission from Jeremy Lee Given in the form of his debut effort Old Flames. Knoxville’s Jeremy Lee Given, tracked mostly at his father’s home  in Fountain City, Tennessee, the album was then produced just outside of Boston in Winchester, MA by producer Will Lakritz.

The album, entitled Old Flames, has been in heavy rotation for me and for good reason.  It’s a downtempo album with some great sounds.  Subtlety in music can be a difficult concept to master and I think Given has got this in spades.  The album ambles on at a slow pace subtly touching upon a lot of different influences.  The very accessible, Rebel Ghost, a slow afrobeat sounding track thats got some fun gang singing, and quirky guitar noodles. It could be said Rebel Ghost feels like it could be a Vampire Weekend track slowed down.  The organ based ‘Up on that Offer,’ is another favorite and the southern ballad, Heartache, with sweeping slide pieces, and a sorrowful vocal track hits home hard and has become my go to track on an album I have been listening to it again and again.

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These tracks along with many new others will be performed with Given’s band, The Rodeo Church this spring throughout the North and Southeast.

Rodeo Church

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