Kurt von Stetten - Pyramid

Come Correck

The do it yourself album does not come easy to many.  Especially if you are a one man show.  Multi-instrumentalist, Kurt von Stetten is such an artist. Playing every instrument on every song, he embodies a complete musician.

His latest effort, Pyramid, is one of those albums that has a little bit of everything.  Its got a down-tempo ballad in the aptly named ‘Love Song,’ its got a fun, quirky  indie rock son in ‘1st Base.’  These songs are just plain fun to explore and its completely surprising that from what I’m told has limited music training, to be so prolific in his ability to put this all together basically on his own.  The result, is a creative & refreshing mix well produced colorful songs that will have you coming back again and again.

Please get out there and buy Pyramid, it’s a fantastic example of an amazing, talented guy who seems to have no limits to what he can do.

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