La Sera - Never Come Around

La Sera – Never Come Around from Brady Hall on Vimeo.

I meant to post this up a few weeks ago, but never got around to it…  it made my October Mixtape, so if you’ve downloaded that, you’ve heard this but its worth getting a full mention up here so…

La Sera’s ‘Never Come Around‘ is the lead single from their forthcoming debut full length album (sometime early 2011) and will also make it on a 7″ that comes out tomorrow (November 16th.)  It will get an awesome clear / red vinyl treatment, and features an exclusive b-side ‘Behind Your Eyes’ and will be available exclusively via

The video follows the narrative of a murderous red-head who chops up her boyfriends and stuffs them in her car so she can dismember their bodies.  It’s graphic, but strangely enough, its  got a light-hearted b-horror film feel.