Miniature Tigers - Mansion of Misery (BTR Live Session)

Miniature Tigers recently recorded a live session with BreakThru Radio at Serious Business Studios in New York City. If your not acquainted with Miniature Tigers, I wrote a small review of their most recent release Fortress here.  Their music is sort of a experimental indie rock similar to 2010 buzz band Suckers.

The above live session track is Mansion of Misery and is good example of what these guys do, the experimental music uses lots of different instruments to create wild and crazy sounds; Mansion of Misery has this in spades.  The video here really captures what these guys do so well, with instruments aplenty, synthesizers, atmospherics, and the normal guitar, bass, drums stuff.  Put all together, its really interesting to see how they work this together in a live session.

Check out the video, and check out some of the other great content BreakThru Radio has going on right now.