The Music Savage Show | 09.22.2023

The Music Savage Show | 09.22.2023

The Music Savage Show · September 22nd, 2023

I’m back and ready and to bring you all the music your little heart needs to make everything better! We’ll kick it off with some fantastic local tunes, have ourselves a post punk dance party, celebrate the 20th anniversary of a wonderful album from The Decemberists, find out about bands/musicians playing the New England area, give a listen to some new albums out today, and wrap it all up in a fiery package with the latest #Hottakes!


September Shirt – Buffalo Tom
Fairweather Friend – GA-20
up/down – Sidebody
Big Star – Letters To Cleo
13 Knives – The Devil’s Twins

Disorder – Joy Division
Cry – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Cyaho – Molchat Doma
Unsmart Lady – Dry Cleaning
G.S.K – Squid

The Chimbly Sweep – The Decemberists
The Soldiering Life – The Decemberists
As I Rise – The Decemberists
Cracked Edges – Brightwire
Summer’s End – John Prine
Cousin – Wilco

Fool Me Twice – Veronica Lewis
Cigarettes – Wyn and the White Light
Better Weather – Alexus Lee
Do You Love Me Now? – The Breeders
All I Really Wanna Do – Devon Gilfillian

Foreign Land – Teenage Fanclub
Strange Weather – Slaughter Beach, Dog
Runaway – Lydia Loveless
Everglades – Jenny Owen Youngs

In Your Arms – Telos Vision
Piece of Me – Tre Burt
I suck at grieving – Lauran Hibberd
Punctuation – Escape Artist Lovers