New Music | Mwahaha - Love ft Merrill Garbus (tuneyards)

Mwahaha – Love w/ Merrrill Garbus

Oakland’s psychedelic 4 piece Mwahaha is about to release their debut full length self titled album Mwahaha.  The band teamed up with Merrill Garbus of Tune Yards (yea i’m typing it my way) for this psych track with a bit of afro beat that gives off the air of Brooklyn’s Suckers, but elementally feels more experimental.  The reverby vocals, poppy flourishes, and electronic whisps create a pop-sensible landscape oriented from electronic psych that makes you feel like it comes from a futuristic tribe of savages.

They’ve got a few more tracks of theirs available on their bandcamp, and you can look for their album out December 6th.

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