My Top Albums of '10 20 - 16

It’s near impossible to pick one top album with the massive amount of music I listened to this year but I thought I’d try to at least give you an idea of what you should grab this year before we start anew.  Here’s my 20 thru 16.

20.  Chief – Modern Rituals
Chief’s Modern Rituals was 11 fantastic shimmering, melodic songs that will tear through emotions, and rock your heart out.  Chief has found a way inside with lovelorn lyrics, and an expansive insight into desperation.  The album is full of tales of disappointment, loneliness and languishing over love.

Hear: Your Direction

19.  Dinosaur Feathers – Fantasy Memorial
Dinosaur Feathers’ Fantasy Memorial was a shockingly fun album.  Its 50’s / 60’s styled pop music was a blast to listen to and they proved to be fantastic at creating multi-layered melodic pop music that was fun to listen to.

Hear: Family Waves

18. Band of Horses – Infinite Arms
Band of Horses’ Infinite Arms took a long time for me to begin to love it, but once I did, I found it to be one of the most robust and beautiful, epic albums of the year.  What they did so perfectly was to create well written, mid-tempo songs that are as beautiful as they are intricate.

Hear:  Compliments

17. Joe Pug – Messenger
Joe Pug’s debut album, Messenger, was a long time coming; after releasing multiple EP’s and traveling the country, Joe finally recorded a full album.  It was something to fall in love with; his brand of folk / americana was honest, well natured, wonderfully written and beautifully played.

Hear:  The Sharpest Crown

16. Vampire Weekend – Contra
Vampire Weekend brought their sophomore album to us in 2010 and it was certainly one to remember.  A second round of their afro-pop indie rock warmed us up in the winter weeks it debuted.  Their lighthearted sound, african beats and quirky lyrics could possibly make Paul Simon happy.

Hear:  Cousins