New Music | Aaron Lee Tasjan - Everything That I Have Is Broken


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Aaron Lee Tasjan is one of those musicians who are like magnets. You know, those in-demand hired hands that entire scenes end up forming around, but only musicians seem to listen to. As such, it’s hard to not just be bowled over by Aaron’s songwriting & guitar chops. I could nerd out on his wordplay (Well I had a little girl & she was fine / Pretty as a penny, but she turned on a dime) or gush over his structure or list all of the ridiculous musicians he’s played with, but proficiency or accreditation don’t alone justify a song. What justifies this song is his take on irony: “They say Jesus was a carpenter, / that he got up everyday & went to work. / Spent his life fixin’ what he could, / and met his death with a hammer & wood. (Ain’t that a funny thing?)” Take THAT, Alanis. There ain’t no gettin’ around the bullshit of life, even if you’re the Messiah.

The Thinking Man’s Filth EP is no opus, the songs are actually pretty bare. But the songwriting is prolific, & it shines through despite the arrangements. And if that’s your thing (great songwriting, that is), this is a record for you. You can grab it on his bandcamp.