New Music | Andrew Combs - Dark End of the Street

Andrew Combs – Dark End of the Street

I love music discovery, though I’m not a huge fan of the Pandoras of the world, music discovery through word of mouth is extremely powerful for me. I love getting recommendations from friends, musicians, readers (that’s you) and while I was having a conversation with Jonny Corndawg last week, he told me about a Nashvillian (would it be better if it were Nashvillain?) by the name of Andrew Combs.

Andrew’s music jumped out at me from the get go. Loading up his EP on bandcamp, I was delighted to hear the sounds of altcountry / americana. Twangy guitars, saloon pianos, and a voice that can be both gravely and smooth. His EP Tennessee Time, feels really intimate, like you could be sitting on your back porch listening to him pour his soul out all over his guitar (see Too Stoned to Cry). I fell in love with the chorus, and just thought it was kind of perfect:

“There’s whiskey and wine
And pills for the pain
Fast easy women
And a little cocaine
Im walking the line
Between hell bent and high
I ain’t happy
Just too stoned to cry”

As I dug a little bit more, I found Combs was giving away his cover of James Carr’s track “Dark End of the Street,” which appeared back in April of 2010. I realize it isn’t quite new, but new to me could possibly be new to you. Combs’ version of the soul song modernizes it really well, and he pulls off the soulful vocals really well.

I’m told that Combs is finishing up a full length as well as a possible 7″. We’re lucky to be stuck with this cover and his old EP (Tennessee Time) for now. So, dogear his name, you’re going to hear from him a bunch more.