New Music | Anna Vogelzang - Die Trying

A Boston area native, Anna Vogelzang, who recently transplanted herself to Madison WI is about to release a new album Canary in a Coal Mine (out 2/28), and this is the first track I’ve heard of hers. It was immediately striking to me because of her voice which I believe is reminiscent of a Joanna Newsome. But the pounding beat, and the plucking banjo gives it a more traditional American folk feel that I for one enjoy far more.

The song “Die Trying,” is a conversational narrative between the singer and a friend from home, about the hardships of travel and being a musician on the road. It seems to be a very common theme these days, as I can imagine its quite a hard thing to do, leaving behind everything you know and love for a life on the road.  As the song progresses it becomes larger and larger,

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