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You Wouldn’t Have to Ask

Bad Books is a side project featuring Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (of Manchester Orchestra.)  Without any real concept or reasoning other than to write music together while away from MO, the two realized an entire album together.  The self-titled debut was released October 19th, 2010 via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, the record label that was founded and has been run by Manchester Orchestra since 2007.

What comes out is 35 minutes of really good music.  Although you can hear the differences (or what seems to be differences) between songs written by Devine and Hull respectively, it all goes well together.  It goes back and forth betweens songs that seem as though they belong in the Manchester Orchestra universe, and others that are acoustic and folk-like.

Its a fun album to listen to, and very well written; I think both of these guys have great songwriting backgrounds, and musically it’s well done, being backed up by the rest of the band (Manchester Orchestra)

It may have been accidental, but this album is worth purchasing and worth listening to.

They’ll be playing here in Boston tomorrow night at TT the Bears, and are also touring the album check this link for upcoming shows.

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