New Music | Blessed Feathers - Real Song For Emily

Blessed Feathers

[W]isconsin based Blessed Feathers have released a new track titled “Real Song For Emily,” the first single on the band’s forthcoming album Order Of The Arrow, their first studio-recorded LP, which was produced by Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Real Estate, Titus Andronicus). “Real song…” starts off feeling like a tune out of America’s catalog, with a choppy, crunchy acoustic guitar strumming, and as the layers of percussions and banjo come in and Berube’s vocals comes in, a somber, dull feeling, much like that of a perfect grey fall day, where there isn’t much to do but explore your thoughts, and the lyrics repeat, “As I look into the horizon, I can’t help but feel nothing…” it’s a beautiful moment on a song that expresses a deep amount of longing, that will certainly be begging you to play it just one more time.

Look for Order of the Arrow, November 5th.