New Music | Bloods Band - No Fun

Bloods Band

If you, like me, are a regular reader of Go Fug Yourself, you’ll know that they use the placeholder “WORDS” when they’re setting up a post, and every so often they’ll accidentally publish a post with just “WORDS” instead of actual text. Well, I use my notes on the songs for placeholders, and if I had accidentally hit publish too early on this post, it would just have said “GARAGE YES.” I don’t think that’s inaccurate or incomplete in any way. This is a garage fun time and it makes me happy in a caps-lock kind of way.

To expand: the entire song has a “hey guys, let’s have a good time” attitude, which makes me think that Bloods Band would be fun to hang out with (you know, the next time I’m in the neighborhood of Australia, or if I was about to find myself along their brand new US tour’s path). We’ve got shout-along interjections, which are only ever a good thing, and we’ve got an excellent mantra for life in the chorus, with “You ain’t gotta freak out but be prepared.”

Further, the song is called “No Fun.” I suspect, and with one piece of evidence to back me up, that songs called “No Fun” are actually a lot of fun in one way or another. Think about it. If you don’t know of any other “No Fun”s, come see me after class.

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