New Music | BLXPLTN - Start Fires


[T]he Austin, TX trio BLXPLTN are the newest addition to the live music capital of the world and they’ve been taking the city’s many venues by storm with their eclectic mix of electronic-post-punk-industrial rock. The band formed in 2013 and since then Lil K Big Q (guitars/vocals/screams), TaSzlin Muerte (elecro-drums/vocals), and Jonathan Horstmann (bass/synth/vocals) have been tearing apart the music scene with mind-melding beats, chaotic guitars, and pulse-stopping bass.

BLXPLTN currently only have a handful of songs released, but it’s not the amount of tunes that makes people thrash about in delight… it’s the energy contained within those songs. They will be bottling up that energy and releasing it in the form of a debut album, Black Cop Down, in October and I’m excited to share the first single, “Start Fires,” with you fine people. It’s an intense track that will set your brain ablaze and have you screaming “You’re a tiger/And I’m a lion” at the person closest to you. (Warning: results of said screaming may vary).

If you are in the Brooklyn area August 23-24 you can catch BLXPLTN shredding the stage at the Afropunk Festival in Commodore Barry Park.

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