New Music | Brandon Mastrangelo – Displaced

New Music | Brandon Mastrangelo – Displaced

After a ten year stint in Boston/Cambridge playing music with his best friends in the band Larcenist, Brandon Mastrangelo now calls Syracuse, NY home. He’s focused his time towards raising his family and his career while stealing away the early hours of his mornings working on songwriting. As anyone who has a young family knows it’s hard to find the time when you can explore your own passions especially if it’s not your livelihood.

Brandon recounts his efforts,

The struggle to make time is real. Continuing to make music amidst the daily priorities of family and work has been no easy feat; sometimes that means 10 minutes of noodling on the guitar while the kids eat breakfast, before the hats/gloves/coats routine starts. Sometimes it’s recording a voice memo in the living room with the background harmonies of kids deciding whose turn is next, or holding a melody in my head and under my breath on a long car trip, because the family is fast asleep.

When it takes that much effort, and it’s something I know to be true, you know deep down the songs, the craft, or whatever it is you are doing when the dark is darkest and the kids are fast asleep is extra special to you. And for that reason, I love hearing stories like these, it’s about never giving up on the things that you love. With all of that, I’m pleased to introduce you to his newest song coming off of his upcoming EP, “Displaced.” A song that instantly feels of longing for place in the world that you belong.

Brandon’s debut EP, “Be Easy On Yourself”, will be released on March 16th. He’s recorded five songs, and he’s very proud of them (he should be). His kids are some of his biggest fans, and with that he’ll continue to “Be Easy On Myself” and do the work.