New Music | Brown Bird - Fingers to the Bone

Brown Bird – Fingers to the Bone

New tunes from Brown Bird, the Rhode Island based band had been working on a new album, and it’s right around the corner.  Salt for Salt will release this October, and it’s first single is available today.  Fingers to the Bone, available today is their brand new single, and well its pretty awesome.  Fingers to the Bone has this clanky, early americana sound, the dusty sound of stand up bass, the clack of tambourines, and the southern tinge of banjo all create a scene of old american folk music, with a little bit of mischief.  They do an amazing job at creating so much sound out of just 2 people and it’s very exciting to hear new music from them.

We can all look forward to seeing them at the Newport Folk Festival at the end of the month.

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