New Music | Brown Bird - Weathering

Brown Bird Mikael Kennedy

[T]here are moments when we are all truly tested during this crazy thing we call life, and it is in those exact moments when a person can truly find meaning and hope. Earlier this year Brown Bird’s David Lamb was diagnosed with leukemia and had to go through a dizzying array of blood tests and biopsies before undergoing a successful bone marrow transplant in September. With the extraordinary help from bandmate MorganEve Swain, and the hundreds and hundreds of fans who donated to Lamb’s YouCaring page to help with the medical bills, the musician is now able to slowly heal by doing what musicians do best, creating music.

The new song, “Weathering,” was written after Lamb received his first round of chemotherapy and recorded in his home after his transplant, as a thank you to fans who showered him with support. It is a non-blinking, stare your adversary right in the eye and show ’em whose the boss, kind of song that is beautiful in its power and humbling in its subject.  The lyrics “And when the storm it does subside/this flood of roller coaster rides/we’ll lick the wounds and learn to live with this new blood” are a true testament to strength and the will to overcome.

The storm will subside.

Please check out David Lamb’s current YouCaring page to help.