New Music | Caitlin Rose - No One To Call

[N]ashville’s Caitlin Rose’s second album was recently announced, The Stand-In, will release via Names Records on the 25th of February next year.  “No One To Call’ is taken from Rose’s upcoming album, furthers her New-Nashville status, a sugary sweet sounding song about loneliness, that has a bit more immediate like-ability, its clear that her band is hitting its stride here, with Cullum Jr. back on pedal steel & Fetzer back on guitar Rose stated, “I never saw myself making the record without them,” she says of Fetzer and Cullum. “We carved out a sound together both travelling as a trio and as a full band. The two of them have created a rare chemistry that is difficult to come by. They work so well together musically, but also there’s a friendship there that makes any tracking or live situation easy to thrive in.”’The Stand-In’


1. No One To Call
2. I Was Cruel (The Deep Vibration cover)
3. Waitin’
4. Only A Clown
5. Pink Champagne
6. Dallas (Felice Brothers cover)
7. Golden Boy
8. Everywhere I Go
9. Silver Sings
10. When I’m Gone
11. Menagerie
12. Old Numbers