New Music | Chicano Batman - Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)

Sometimes you can tell you’ll like a song from a description in an email, but largely the details and comparisons are so far fetched that they induce eye rolls and head slaps.

Other times, the words that come in to entice you to listen to a new track are so bizarre you can’t help but click through. Such is the case with the new single from LA-based, suit rockers Chicano Batman.

Described as “four young men in vintage formalwear, playing songs that blend Brazilian Tropicalía with early ’70s psychedelic soul and the romantic pop of bands like Los Ángeles Negros,” there was no way I was passing on this email. And man, am I glad I didn’t.

“Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)” is the first single off of Chicano Batman’s upcoming release Freedom Is Free (ATO Records, 3/3/17.) Driven by fuzzed-out organ, soulful crooning and buzzing guitar, it’s one of those ear-worm type tracks you hear once and think it’s O.K., but then find yourself clamoring to listen to at a later point.

Added bonus: the lovely Newport Folk alumnae Mariachi Flor de Toloache appear in the video and on the track, lending their fantastic vocals to the chorus that will work it’s way into your brain.

Give it a few spins and let us know what you think.