New Music | Dead Professional - Bad Memory

When we received the first Dead Professional single back in the summer of 2013 I knew it was a sign of good things to come for singer-songwriter John Harouff. With a number of super-catchy songs released throughout the year, and a pretty active live gig schedule which included recently opening for Ryan Adams at the 9:30 in D.C., it was only a matter of time before we had news of a debut EP from our favorite Virginian.

The forthcoming release is called Hard Hard Hard, and as Harouff is the hardest working man in music the title is spot on. It will be released November 18th and the first single, “Bad Memory,” is already a fan favorite at shows. The track makes you want to throw on a vintage leather jacket, jump on a beautiful Triumph TR5 Trophy, walk into the diner and hit the jukebox like Arthur Fonzarelli. If it’s indicative of what is to come on the album then I’ll definitely need to practice my “Ayyyyyyyy!”

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