New Music | Divers - Tracks

Divers (Portland)

Portland, Oregon. A town with its own tv show. A town I nearly lived in. A town that I have a very brief and specific feud against this particular year (US Air Guitar National Championships needs to be in Boston this year!). Don’t hold that feud against it, though, because Divers is coming out of Portland with some really good bounce-along music, exemplified here with “Tracks.”

I don’t know if its the nearly panicked urgency underlying the party spirit of the song, or its evocation of “streetlights late at night” – sidebar, do you hear that and automatically envision that red light shining off a wet street, no one in either direction, or is the mental picture of the wet street the product of coming from a rainy clime? Serious question. But something about this is more than just a catchy tune… although it is certainly that. Makes me want to be out alone late at night walking around with this in my headphones. Perversely, it makes me want to walk on the tracks.

If you want more, you can get more – in a month or so. Their album, Hello Hello, will be out February 17th on Rumbletowne and Party Damage Records.

Still though, Portland, don’t get any big ideas, Nationals are still going to be here.