New Music | Eliza and the Bear - Friends


[E]very band must think about creating that one song. A song they can build a great album around and play as the encore for every live set, because it is the song that turned everyone’s head and made them pay attention. Some bands wait forever, while others get close without ever quite making it.

London’s Eliza and the Bear have a new single out titled “Friends” which very well may be just that song. When I pressed play and the chorus “Cause I’ve got friends/I’ve got family here” kicked in I could instantly see a crowd of people raising their hands in the air singing along at the top of their lungs and bopping around without a care. That is exactly how a catchy, well written song is supposed to make you act and feel.

While still newcomers to the music scene it is easy to tell that the guys were good friends long before the idea of starting a band came into play. Perhaps that is what makes their sound so inviting to those already in the know. If the band sounds like the are having a good time then why shouldn’t we have a good time along with them? With each new single released the good times get better for Eliza and the Bear, as well as their fans.

PS  Nobody in the band is named Eliza.

Take a listen to “Friends” above and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.