New Music | Fang Island - Sisterly

Fang Island – Sisterly

Fang Island’s followup to their fantastic debut (one of my favorites of 2010) is getting awfully close to release day.  On July 24th, we’ll get a listen to Major, their sophomore release.  We’ve already heard one track (Asunder) and the band is releasing a second from the album titled “Sisterly,”  which follows their old formula, frenetic, manic rock tracks with tons of energy and a burst of fun.  “Sisterly,” is a guitarists dream track, full of fabric ripping riffs, and the chorus lines are definite sing-alongs.  Turn up the volume, roll down the windows and press play.

Really looking forward to this release, and if you aren’t acquainted with their debut release, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy.

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