New Music | Field Report - Home (Leave the Lights On)

Field Report

[A]nother Field Report tune has found its way out there, and I’m totally in love. On “Home (Leave the Lights On)” Porterfield wraps beautiful writing into these really interesting package that’s instantly catchy and familiar, his voice raspy, warm and inviting; and there’s a subtle, electronic repeating beat that gives the song an almost whimsical feel to it, it’s one of those songs that is instantly delightful, and begs to be listened again and again. It’s really interesting to watch this band bend “folk” music, with electronic components right up next to pedal steel, it’s a pushing of the genre that’s all too refreshing. Home, will appear on Marigolden which drops on us October 7th from Partisan Records. I think we’re in for a great sophomore release.