New Music | Filligar - Knock Yourself Right Out / Dead Wrong

Filligar – Knock Yourself Out
Filligar – Dead Wrong

One of the best rock & roll bands you have to know about and our Chicagoan friends, Filligar, sent me 2 unreleased tracks that may appear on an album they are to release in 2012 and well, I’m in love all over again. After I got my hands on their album the Nerve, I had a lot of trouble turning off their album. I was more than thrilled to hear some new tracks, and well, I’m really enjoying both of these tracks and had to share. They employ both a carefree rock & roll attitude, rollicking at times, and subtle at times and they feel classic and modern at the same time, something that I think bands try to do a lot and don’t succeed like this. Filligar bridges the gap between the Stones and modern rock, and its great to be here on the forefront listening as they do it.